Best compliment ever
  • Operations Manager: You're a bitch aren't you?
  • Me: Huh?
  • OM: You're a bitch aren't you?
  • Me: Sorry?
  • OM: You're a bit shy aren't you?
  • Me: Oh. Yeah. Haha.
  • OM: You shouldn't. You have a great personality.
  • #MedyoBingi
23rd July, WednesdayReblog
So this has been my life for the past week. A series of bullets and numbers. To-do lists. I admit that I’ve become quite forgetful, I need a reminder sometimes plus it’s easier when you have a flow. I also list down what i need to ask if I call a number.
I feel so organized. LOL.

So this has been my life for the past week. A series of bullets and numbers. To-do lists. I admit that I’ve become quite forgetful, I need a reminder sometimes plus it’s easier when you have a flow. I also list down what i need to ask if I call a number.

I feel so organized. LOL.

20th July, SundayReblog
New Me

I always say this but I hope to really go through with it this time. I have such bad habits and I know it’s not good for my health so on that note, here are some things that I want to start doing:

  • Eat healthy. Stay away from junk food and sweets.
  • Sleep early. This is such a difficult thing for me because I’m a night owl. Never really slept early even when I was a kid.
  • Exercise. Huhu. I’m getting fat so I need this!!! I should exercise daily. 
  • Pray. I never made it a habit so now I’m gonna start doing it. According to the CLP talk awhile ago it’s better to pray regularly at a scheduled time even if you’re not focused instead of a one time big time thing. 
  • Read Nursing books. I admit that ever since I became an RN, I neglected updating my Nursing knowledge which I know is wrong.

I’ll start tomorrow, maybe? LOL

20th July, SundayReblog
I was about to give up

Really I was, in my head I was about to quit. I just wanted to wait for the hospital’s call instead of going through all the hassle of going abroad but then I saw this on Facebook and I suddenly had my enthusiasm back. image

Soo. Last Friday I browsed through workabroad again (that website has been my second home on the web) and applied for a job in Dubai. After 10 minutes or so I got a text to come on Saturday (which was yesterday) for a screening interview. Of course I replied that I will come (after checking through POEA if they’re legit) but I was again discouraged because I didn’t know where their office is located/ Random fact: I suck at directions. What I did was I called their office and asked for directions. LOL.

Come Saturday. I was nervous that I would get lost so I left home at 7:00am (the interview was 10:00am) but hooray I did not get lost and I arrived an hour early so I went to a Ministop beside their office. At 9:50am I went inside. We were asked to fill up a form then submitted our credentials. I thought the interview would be about myself and my work experience but it wasn’t. The interviewer was directing/guiding me through the process of DHA. Yeeey. She told me that I would need to take the exam then come back after I passed, they would have a job waiting for me.

So I went home but my mother was not around. I waited for her and told her about my plans of going to Dubai (Yep, I haven’t told her yet LOL). I was surpised that she was supportive because she didn’t want me to go to any Middle Eastern country before. Well, she changed her mind I guess. Yeeey for me!

So now, I’m processing all my papers and hopefully take the exam by August or September.

19th July, SaturdayReblog
I’m Serious

This time I’m serious. No more second thoughts. I will be leaving the country.

My Singaporean dream was crushed because of the bed capacity of the previous hospital I worked at so my second choice would be Dubai. I browsed this website and looked for jobs that might interest me.

I called agencies awhile ago and scheduled an appointment with DFA for my passport. I’ve been putting this off for the longest time because I don’t want to leave anyone behind but I think now it’s time for me to go after what I want.

17th July, ThursdayReblog
Not For Me

Siguro isa na talaga tong sign na kailangan ko ng umalis at mag-abroad. Tsk. Ako na ata ang pinakamalas na tao ngayon. D ko alam kung bakit nangyare sakin to.

First: Super toxic duty. For cervical MRI si patient 822. Nagconsent na and request sent to MRI. Nag-rounds kinagabihan yung neurologist. Sabi niya, “BAKIT CRANIAL MRI YUNG RESULT” medyo namutla ako. Ang basa ko talaga sa order is cranial MRI hindi cervical. Hindi galit yung doctor pero ang exact words niya “hindi ako nagagalit ha, pero sana lang hindi magbayad yung pasyente dahil hindi naman nila kasalanan to”. Kinabukasan, kinausap ko si chief nurse. Pinagbayad ako on the spot ng 5,000. Buti na lang at may pera ang mama ko. The rest is ibabawas na lang sa sweldo ko.

Second: Kinabukasan, pagtapos kong kausapin si chief nurse, PM duty ako. May tumawag.

Person: Nakausap mo na si chief nurse?

Me: Opo.

Person: O anong sabi?

Me: Nagbayad po ako.

Person: Ha? Ang gulo. Ano ba duty mo bukas?

Me: Night po.

Person: O papasok ka pa daw ba?

Hindi ko ginawang big deal dahil hindi naman namin yun napagusapan ng chief nurse. Kaso yung AM duty na probee din, nakita ko na gumagawa ng letter. Kinausap daw sila ng chief nurse na hindi na kami papasok lahat. Effective kinabukasan. Tatawagan na lang daw kami pag tumaas na yung census ng hospital.

So.. Long story short, lahat ng sinahod ko sa lintik na ospital na yan e ipangbabayad ko lang ng MRI.

16th July, WednesdayReblog
Real Life Could be so Exhausting

Oh hi tumblr! I still exist just in case you haven’t noticed. My life has been so busy lately. I barely have the time to sleep. Ughhh. So I’ll categorize my updates.

WORK: I had a hard time adjusting to my new work place because I felt that the head nurse was being unfair to me. She would notice all the littlest mistakes I make but she won’t even notice those of my senior nurses. I have an IR already by the way which is very frustrating because she didn’t even let me explain. But now I’m kind of getting the hang of this new environment because I don’t see our head nurse’s face.

LOVE: My boyfriend was only supposed to stay here for three days but he was hired as a private duty nurse by his uncle so his stay was extended to 10 days. During his stay here we got to watch a PBA game, The semi finals of Talk n Text and San Mig. I’m not a fan of basketball but for him I watched it. This is what I miss most about being near him. We always get to try something new. He’ll be coming back in a month or so. I’m excited!

SELF: I have constantly attended the CLP for Singles for Christ for 8 consecutive weeks. It’s the event I look forward to every week. I don’t know why but something about it keeps me hooked. I want to explore and understand being a Christian and I feel like CLP has guided me through it. It feels refreshing.

4th July, FridayReblog
I must really miss Harry Potter because last night I dreamt about being in Hogwarts having adventures with Ron Weasley. 8th June, SundayReblog
Evaluated or Judged?

Today marks the end of our orientation period. We would be evaluated based on our performance. I was really nervous because I could feel a slight animosity towards the staff nurses. I don’t know if it’s just me or they don’t really like me. As I’ve mentioned before I’m not the type of person who would strike up a random conversation, especially if you’re a stranger so I really have a tough time adjusting to new environments.

As Mary (my co-orientee) and I were having our orientation form signed by the head nurse, she suddenly said that “ikaw, and problema lang naman namin sayo, wala kang kusa d katulad nitong si Mary” of course I was surprised, because I felt that I was very active during our duties, I felt that I was evaluated poorly, I wanted to cry right then and there but I held back my tears. I’m not like Mary who is outgoing and asks a lot of questions. I work quietly so maybe they didn’t feel my presence.

Anyway, when we went to the HR Department, we were told that we would be continuing with our probationary period. Up to know, the criticism that my head nurse told me is still bothering me. I’ll get over this. I’ll just have to be more active on the coming days.

6th June, FridayReblog
This kid though. #MedyoWild
  • *7 year old kid for IV insertion*
  • Colleague: Wag mo hilain ha? Para isang tusok lang.
  • Kid: Ayoko!!! Sobrang sakit na!!!!
  • Colleague: Strong ka naman di ba?
  • Kid: Ayoko! Mag mumura ako katulad kanina!
  • Me: Wag ka magmumura. Bad yun.
  • Kid: Patayin nyo na lang ako kesa saktan nyo ko!!!!
2nd June, MondayReblog